Producers Hope to Bring Cryptocurrencies into the Mainstream While Providing a Robust Storyline of Relationships and Friendships betchain scam

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Entourage Actor and Blockchain Advocates Begin Pre Production of Cryptos

Digital currency fans will be interested to hear about a new television series called Cryptos, a series that’s currently being led by the Hollywood actor Kevin Connolly. The story follows a young startup seeking to launch a entertainment platform. The show will feature Kevin Connolly, who’s famous for his role as Eric E Murphy in EntourageBitcoinRush site Connolly has also agreed to direct the episodes of the cryptocurrency-focused show.

The cofounders of the Academy School of Blockchain, Jason King and Erik Sords, are also co-producing the series and bitcoin casino which payout in prizes. King is well known for helping start the Florida-based homeless shelter Sean’s Outpost an initiative that has been driven by donations, in Pensacola. spoke with King about the show and he explained how he got involved.

“The series is being produced by American Cinema International and we’re currently in pre-production right now,” King told “I came on board about six months ago after studying the pilot and I helped develop the story architecture for the first season — We expect to start filming in May.”

Kevin Connolly is an actor and director known for its HBO series Entourage (2004), Entourage (2015), and the movie The Notebook (2004).

Producers Hope to Bring Cryptocurrencies to the Mainstream While Providing a Robust Storyline of Relationships and Friendships

Meanwhile, in real life Erik Sords is in the midst of developing a”decentralized global studio” called Dionysia in L.A.. The”Cryptos” show reflects how hard it is to finance movies, forcing the group of buddies to finance a project using digital currencies to be able to make a peer-to-peer film studio, similar to the Dionysia concept. In a recent interview, the show’s celebrity and manager Connolly thinks people are scared to conceptualize cryptocurrencies due to”a lack of understanding.” “People like myself are still studying, but the fascination is there,” Connolly added.

The Entourage series actor continued:

[Sords and King] wish to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream for the greater of cryptocurrency and I am only the filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters — For me, it is about friendships and relationships — That is what people tune in to see.

Connolly also emphasized that what he liked most about the written pilot was that it involved a motley team of down and out celebrities that say”screw the institution” and attempt to take on the total Hollywood system. The TNABC event was the first time that the team had revealed the television show to the public when the show launch was announced by Connolly and the idea was welcomed by the crowd with applause. The creators of the film are planning to produce a total of 10 episodes for the season. The producers are hoping the show will be picked up by major platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflixfree bitcoin casino android bitcoin casino for ale src=”” allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”392″ width=”696″>

What do you think about the Cryptos television show idea? Would you watch a TV show about actors and cryptocurrencies trying to take on Hollywood? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

Image credits: Cryptos the TV Show site, Imdb, and Pixabay. 

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