The fleet currently consists of 43 trucks of the solid brands Mercedes, DAF, MAN Diesel and Volvo. These trucks are all specialized in sea container transport. Recently 10 new trucks, which meet the Euro 6 standard, have been added to the fleet. Our aim is to provide the entire fleet with these sustainable vehicles.

Each truck is equipped with an on-board computer, scanner and printer. This allows us to track every car and provide real-time information to our customers. The scanners and printers make it possible to exchange documentation with the drivers at any time, such as CMRs, customs documentation and loading or unloading papers.

The fleet is periodically checked and maintained by relevant dealers. As a result, the fleet consists only of safe and reliable material, which means that delays on the road can be prevented as much as possible.

On Saturday we make sure that the trucks can drive into the new week clean again. After all, the fleet is our calling card and we like to keep it clean!